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Tatiana McWethy

Tribute to the Great Masters
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Behind the Drape    Oil on Linen  36"X38"


This is an old story.
In the late part of The Middle Ages oil paint became more popular than egg tempera.
Because of the attributes of oil paint many artists started to compete amongst themselves as to who can paint a subject as real as life.
At that time two friends-artists lived in Italy and they bet that one of them could paint more real than the other.
One artist painted a Still Life with fruits.
A bird flew into his studio, flew straight to the painting, the fruits were painted so real,
and tried to pick the piece of fruit off the plant in the painting and eat it. The artist then declared that he was the best.

The other artist, undaunted, painted a still life with flowers in a vase covered by a curtain.
He then invited his friend to his studio in order to show him the painting.
When his friend came close to the painting and saw that it was partially covered by a curtain he tried to move the curtain away.
He then realized that the drape was not real but painted.

The painting "Behind the Drape" is a reminder of that old story.
There are flowers in the vase, the curtain hanging,
and a little humming bird flying to find out if the flowers are as sweet as real ones are.

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