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Tatiana McWethy

Tribute to the Great Masters
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Message to the Universe    Oil on Linen  40"X50"


The portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, " Mona Lisa" is one of the most famous paintings in the world.
Since the time when it was created to the present, it attracts attention, admiration, arguments…
Some mystery surrounds the portrait that no one can explain.
"The smile in her face was so attractive that it gave the spectator the feeling of facing someone divine rather than human,
it was something wonderful, because it was life itself" – Vasari wrote in the16 century.
This portrait with its message transcends time and space.
When you look at the portrait, Mona Lisa talks to you as a real person, as a person who knows you.
The whole universe looks at you from this portrait. It is mysterious and even a little frightening in a manner of thinking.
The material elements in paint and a wooden panel, do not exist anymore: there is only the person who knows you
and stares back at you when you face her.

Leonardo wrote in a way that required a mirror to read his writing correctly, a kind of cypher .
One of his writings found in a notebook says in Italian: "Constancy does not begin, but is that which perseveres"
In this statement, with few words, he expressed his understanding of Divine Creation .

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