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Tatiana McWethy

Tribute to the Great Masters
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Caravaggio, or backside of canvas    Oil on Linen  30"X32"


This painting tells us about two realities of art.
Painting; as a masterpiece, part of the cultural heritage and about the artist, and his life.
What it is like to be an artist?
What it is like to be blessed with the gift to see and to feel?

There are two vertical lines in the center of the painting,
the line of the frame and the line of the stretcher bar.
These lines divide the painting into two parts.

On the right side you can see part of the Caravaggio painting, ’Bacchus"’  painted in 1596.
Here is a young man full of energy enjoying all the goodness of life.
He looks at us, inviting us to celebrate life together with him.

On the left side of the painting you see the backside of the canvas with the artist’s palette.
The image on the palette is a self-portrait of Caravaggio he painted as the severed head of Goliath
in the painting ’David with the head of Goliath’.
The face is full of pain and suffering. It is seldom that artist tell us so honestly about his feelings.
This painting Caravaggio painted in 1609-10.

The painting,’Caravaggio’,or backside of canvas", illustrates the concept that what is on the surface of a work of art,
may not reveal the experiences of life that helped to create it.

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